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  Justin Dobies
Lighting Supervisor
+44 07873475704 *

Big Hero 6
Lighting Artist(2014)
Supervisor: Olun Riley
Corey Butler
Dan Rice

Bot Fight
Using an existing key, established a look for Hiro and the megabot during the fight. Fine tuned lighting during closeups and character position changes to keep the same feel. Worked to keep the crowds from pulling focus. Took over additional shots after finishing originally cast shots early.
Krei Offer/Expohall
Matching the feel of the background to a previous sequence in the same location. Established lighting for Krei, Callahan and Wamu. Focused on using multiple techniques to keep the render time of the background environment low and noise free.
Hiro's Bedroom
Established the character lighting for Hiro in his desk area. Adjusted environment and character lighting as needed to ensure the look and feel remained. It was a particular challenge to ensure the light felt like it was coming from the practical light source but shaped the Hiro in a pleasing manner.