Justin Dobies
Lighting Supervisor
+44 07873475704 * justin@justindobies.com

Lighting Artist(2013-2014)
Supervisor: Alessandro Jacomini

Frozen marked my first project at Walt Disney Animation Studios. I started on the project in May of 2014 with work on marketing materials for both print and television. This gave me time to learn the tools and pipeline at the studio. It also helped me to become more familiar with the characters in the film. After much of the marketing work was completed, I joined the team on the feature in July.

My first sequence was under the supervision of Jason MacLeod on the musical number "Love is an Open Door". My initial group of shots were on the balcony at the beginning of the song. The focus was on having a soft warm and romantic feeling to the scene. While the light was motivated from the room, the focus was on the pleasant shaping than realistic lighting.

After completing the balcony shots, I moved to the end of the sequence to work on the waterfall area. The wide shot was were most of the time was focused. There was work done to enhance to look of the rocks to feel wet but not too slippery. The waterfall had to integrate but not pull attention and some cheats were done in the composite to prevent intersecting with the characters. The entire sequence was a great introduction to the Disney workflow. It was a blast to work on a musical number for a Disney movie.

My final sequence was under the supervision of Alessandro Jacomini in the ice palace. This sequence was both challenging and rewarding. All the refracting ice made for interesting visuals and new challenges. Lighting the ice was the hardest part of the sequence as the look could change vastly at different angles of view. My favorite shot to work on was where Elsa blocks the crossbow bolt with a block of ice. There were challenges of getting a clean and legible refraction of Elsa through the ice. I was able to adjust the front of the crossbow bolt to end further out from the ice to increase the feeling of danger. Some of my work on the ice the is created through the fight was handed off to other artists on the sequence to help get a consistent look to the sequence.