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  Justin Dobies
Lighting Supervisor
+44 07873475704 *

Senior Lighting Artist(2019)
Supervisor: Derek Nelson

For Frozen 2, I was invited to return to Disney Animation Studios for the project to help with the final push based on my work on previous shows

My first sequences were under the supervision of Derek Nelson. I picked up a several shots of floating down the river with the Giants to match the work that had been done on similar shots, as well as taking on some shots that had already been started by other artists that went on leave. I then moved on to lighting shots of Kristoff preparing to propse to Anna.

My next shots included key lighting the first magical ice sculpture of the parents. Working closely with my supervisor and other departments, we were able to find a look that both felt like ice but also made it easy to see the expressions and detals of the statue. Despite the complexitiy of the shot, we were able to get the look approved by the director and art director within a week.

From there, I moved onto working under the supervision of Amy Pfaffinger to key light a cave sequence including developing the look of another ice sculpture that is formed during the scene. As this was a pivitol moment in the film, I worked closely with the FX and surfacing departments to solve a variety of techinical and artistic challenges while lighting the rest of the sequence. In the end the artists that picked up my key lighting were able to quickly final their shots and wrap up the sequence quickly